Customer Reviews

We can wax lyrical about the quality of our products and services, but it gives us the greatest satisfaction when our customers write to tell us how much they enjoy our bathrobes, and praise us for our levels of service.

Here are a few genuine comments from our customers

Hi, I would like to thank you for a high quality, luxurious product. It’s a gift for my wife, and we are both delighted. I have no hesitation in recommending your bathrobes to anyone. I see today you can buy a bathrobe from Debenhams at one tenth the price, but (you will have to trust me) that is like comparing a new Rolls Royce with an elderly version of your least favourite car. OK, weird comparison, but go with it 🙂 Also I’d especially like to thank Debbie for excellent customer service. She has kept me up-to-date with progress, through manufacturing and delivery”.

Summary: Brilliant. Thanks / Nigel

It was good o see you on Saturday on my visit from York
I liked the display of new bathrobes
When I asked you what was the one thing wrong about your bathrobes you answered as expected “ they are too good”
I told you that I could not buy another one as the three I have bought between 10 and 15 years ago are used by me in rotation every day and are still in perfect condition
I am amazed that they show no sign of deterioration or fraying
They dry me exactly as I want after my shower
The head piece is exactly right for drying my hair and I feel very comfortable in my bathrobe
Whilst I thought I was paying  quite a lot of money when I bought them originally they have proved to be exceedingly good value
I am so pleased I have them and intend to continue using them well into the future”.

A great purchase / Maxwell

I have been wearing my renaissance bathrobe every day from autumn through spring for over 30 years. It was an impulse buy on a trip to London and is the most extravagant piece of clothing I have ever owned and I love it. Although a succession of cats and their claws over the years have left it a little worse for wear, it continues to be greatly admired by anyone who sees it”.


Debbie, I have just taken delivery of another one of your fabulous bathrobes. Quality of your goods is matched by the quality of your customer service. If only more companies could offer service like yours”.


Having come over from France on a day trip solely to buy a Bathrobe having seen your selection on the net I was dismayed to see your stall But astounded by the QUALITY of your products. The welcome my wallet receIved and the service was excellent. The quality of the material is outstanding as is the finishing. Two days after purchase and I still haven’t taken it off. There is no doubt I would and will recommend you and your bathrobes to anybody”.

Many thanks / Nigel 

“Hi Debbie,
My robe just arrived. It is supposed to be a Christmas gift, but I couldn’t help trying in on to make the size was good. It is a fabulous robe!!
All the reviews I read were absolutely correct. You make and delivery the best robe there is”.

Carl / USA 

I now have my bathrobe. Can I just let you know that it surpasses all my expectations. I have never worn anything more comfortable or comforting. It looks and feels wonderful. My wife wants to know if I am ever going to take it off”.

Thank you so much / Peter

Just wanted to thank you for sending the bathrobe so quickly. Absolutely thrilled with the quality and stunning design. Has exceeded all my expectations.
I feel very lucky to be the owner of such a special robe”.


I bought a ‘honey’ bathrobe nearly a dozen years ago now. Sure, it cost a couple of quid more than anything available in a shop, even an upmarket one, but after 12 years I am convinced that I was the one with the bargain. These robes are made of a quality that you just can’t get anywhere else. Apart from the fact that the robe seems set to last a lifetime, the feeling of luxury you get every time you wear it is something that money simply cannot buy”.

I could not recommend The Bathrobe Company strongly enough! / Steve, London

I am absolutely stunned by the quality of your Bathrobes. I purchased one for my Mother, but shame on me I have decided to keep it for myself as it truly is the most fabulous Bathrobe I have every owned.
Many thanks, I will definitely be a repeat customer”.


Many years ago I had two robes, both wonderful. I used them in the Alps and in northern Sweden and Canada. I always travel light but made sure I had one of my Robes. They looked brand new even after a decade. They were above all a quality that just lasted and they were much admired and borrowed. One dear friend loved the robe soo much I had to give it to him and recently my other one was also kidnapped but it looked brand new after ten years. The colours remain perfect as the day they were bought. I have travelled all over the World but never found any robe remotely close to the quality of these.
Needless to say I am collecting two more next week !”.

Dr T M Elmore

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